Storybook has always had a unique creative premise- to let the reality of the moment define the image, not the photographer's direction. With this approach (and by popular demand from our couples!) we now offer photojournalistic children's portraiture, produced on our exclusive Hextone archival Carbon Fiber print process (click here for details).
Your child is free to play in the park, jump on the bed- at the location of your choice. This patient, quiet photographic process begins as soon as the child becomes distracted and forgets that the photographer is there. This is when we produce our best images.
In keeping to our promise of lifetime memories, final images are printed on archival fiber-based carbon imaging media, impervious to fading and guaranteed to last a lifetime. This costly and exclusive printing process has taken the fine-art gallery photography world by storm, now Storybook brings this quality to your home.
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