After a chance meeting with legendary wedding photographer Rocky Gunn, whom Gary Fong had admired for many years, he went to work for Gunn. Fong carried Gunn's equipment from place to place and eventually joined the master's staff as an assistant photographer. Gunn encouraged Fong to open his own studio and pursue his unique direction.

From humble beginnings in a bedroom of his parents' small apartment, equipped with one camera and a display album, Gary Fong's Storybook Studio has grown into a prestigious, "weddings-only " business that occupies a suite in the West Century Plaza Building, a 16-story office complex in Los Angeles. Through another business interest, Planet Software, Gary helped to develop Art Leather's "Montage" album-production software package. This software makes it possible for wedding photographers to order album prints from the lab at the same time that they place the album order. The lab then forwards the prints to Art Leather for final assembly.

A pioneer in the use of modern bare-bulb technology, Fong also codeveloped the "Gary Fong Ligbtsphere" flash system by Norman Enterprises, which exploits the latest in bare-bulb, manual-flasb, and, in the near future, nonreflective, automaticflash technology.

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