A federal jury finds Teresa Halton and Peter Halton liable for a fraudulent trademark registration and trademark infringement in U.S. District Court. [see verdict] Judge Audrey Collins orders injunction prohibiting Teresa Halton from using the name "Storybook Studio" for photography services.
July 27/2000
[download PDF file of the judgement ][download injunction ordered by court]
Storybook forms internet alliance with "" June 23/2000. click here for more
United States Patent and Trademark office grants federal registration of Trademark # 75872133
to Gary Fong, Inc. for the mark "Storybook Weddings" 11/21/2000
International Summit Workshops announced at Gary Fong's Big White Ski Resort property [click here]
Pictage, Inc. Presents Photographers' Town Hall Meeting with Denis Reggie and Gary Fong Benefiting the United Way September 11th Fund. [click here for more]

Gary Fong to receive Republican Congressional Medal of Merit [click here for more]

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