Bill Hurter, Editor of "Rangefinder" Magazine
"The name Gary Fong should be familiar to long-time readers of "Rangefinder Magazine". His Storybook Weddings are not only well known, but his work has been the source of inspiration to a whole generation of wedding photographers"
Denis Reggie / Celebrity Wedding Photographer / Atlanta, GA
"His work reflects a sensitive heart, a creative eye and a spontaneous style. I understand his philosophies and business operation (I also use his software daily), and I cannot say enough about his outstanding message. . Gary has actually greatly shaped the future of wedding photography. His photography, software, studio operation, personal attitude... all tops."
Skip Cohen, President / Hasselblad, U.S.A.
"Gary's work has helped set the standard in outstanding wedding photography. He's been one of the industry's strongest contributors to the bridge between conventional photography and electronic imaging. His knowledge of photography is second only to his love for the craft."
Alfred Debat, Editor of The Professional Photographer Magazine
"Gary Fong is one of the few totally creative wedding photographers with one foot planted firmly in the future of imaging and the other rooted in the finest traditions of pictorial photography. An outstanding imagemaker, Gary is equally familiar with the best that tomorrow and yesterday have to offer photographers. It's rare to find a talent today who embraces both new and old, and will share his knowledge for success with others"
Monte Zucker, M. PhotogCr, F-ASP / Silver Springs, MD
"With his sensitive photojournalism, he has brought a contemporarly flair to his classical approach to traditional wedding photography. Just as important... he follows through brilliantly with the pre-planning of the wedding album design for his clients. No one could make it easier for bridal families to enjoy being photographed and to also enjoy selecting the perfect images that recall their own special day. His spectacular wedding albums are a joy forever."
Ed Pierce, M.Photog Cr. / Potomac, MD
"Gary Fong is one of the few individuals in our industry who is not simply content to follow in the foot steps of the old masters. Whether it be business systems or creative artistry, Gary Fong is a true innovator."
Clay Blackmore, M.Photog Cr./ Silver Springs, MD
"Offering a totally new concept of wedding photography, photographers throughout the world have discovered a new way to approach weddings..."
Jeannine Ball, By the Beach Photography
"Gary Fong is one of the preeminent wedding photojournalists in this country. He captures the beauty, warmth and love of a wedding like few other photographers. His work is natural, spontaneous and often fun. It is easy to understand why his clients choose him - his photography is wonderful, and his personality is a joy to be near. My words don't do his work justice."
Jeff Gunderman / Kodak Professional Division/ Rochester, NY
"Utilizing black-and-white and color films, multiple cameras, specialty lenses, and his own invention for lighting, Gary turns every wedding into a masterpiece. He makes looking at wedding photography as much fun as the day itself. His creativity knows no bounds.
One of the truly fantastic photographers of our time! "