Photojournalists have been influenced strongly for nearly two decades by the
  Storybook Wedding Concept. Incorporating a documentary style
  approach to wedding photojournalism, it incorporates Hollywood-style
Storyboarding techniques. Renowned worldwide to wedding
  photographers, Storybook Studio remains the state of the art
  in wedding photography. Serving southern california weddings,
  Los Angeles are weddings, and beyond.

 September 1982

 Marina Del Rey, CA

  "Storybook Weddings Photography" opens in a small apartment in Marina Del Rey.

 July, 1985

 Santa Monica, CA

"The Storybook Concept" is published in hardbound, and is sold internationally. It introduces the editorial album design concept.

 September, 1988

 Santa Barbara, CA

Wedding of Thais Baker and Steven Bren, son of billionaire developer and chairman of the Irvine Company, Donald Bren.

 July, 1989

 Century City, CA

Photographs cover for President Ronald Reagan's historic "Memoirs" book.

 January, 1990

Marina Del Rey, CA

Wedding of Florence Henderson's daughter, Elizabeth Bernstein

 February, 1991

Santa Monica, CA

Wedding of Kathy and Michael Beaulieu, brother of Priscilla Presley

 October, 1992

 Holmby Hills, CA

 The wedding of Bob Dusen and Mary Sheldon, daughter of Sidney Sheldon, at his Holmby Hills mansion.

 January, 1993

 Elmhurst, NY

Gary Fong designs "Montage" Software for album design. In 1/93 Art Leather Mfg. Co. acquires marketing rights. Montage is now used in over 6,000 photography studios, worldwide

July, 1993

 Brentwood, CA

Wedding of Cathy Massey and Dr. Jamie MacDougal, son of film star Nanette Fabares at her Brentwood estate.

 September, 1993

 Santa Monica, CA

Second Hardbound book "Wedding Photography Enters the Modern Age" is published 

May, 1994

 Malibu, CA

Wedding of Rhadames Killy, son of legendary Olympic skier Jean-Claude Killy

 August, 1994

 Palos Verdes, CA

 Wedding of actress Shannon Lee, daughter of Bruce Lee and sister of Brandon Lee

January - July, 1995

 U.S. National Tour

 The Gary Fong / Storybook U.S. Seminar Tour. 29 cities throughout the United States

 January, 1996

Burbank, CA

 Norman Enterprises introduces "The Gary Fong Lightsphere" a lighting system devised at Storybook for wedding photography.

 April, 1996

 Washington, D.C.

 Gary Fong is featured as "one of the world's top ten wedding photographers"in "Weddings 2000", a live national satellite telecast broadcast to over 90 United Artists Theaters nationwide. "Weddings 2000" was the highest attended single educational event in the history of photography.

 November, 1996

Studio City, CA

 The wedding of Alexandra and Richard Crenna, Jr., son of film star Richard Crenna

 January, 1997

New York, NY

 "The Business of Wedding Photography" hardbound book by Ann Montieth, is published by Amphoto Publications. This book highlights Gary Fong among the top 30 international wedding photographers. (click here to see's review)

 February, 1997

Hong Kong's Peninsula Hotel

 The wedding of Andrew and Vanessa Choy/Wong, niece of Movie Producer Raymond Chow, at the Peninsula Hotel. This was Hong Kong's "wedding of the year" in 1997

 November, 1997

 Manila, Phillipines

 Gary Fong/Storybook Seminar sponsored by Kodak, Hasselblad and Art Leather to the Professional Photographers of the Phillipines. An all-day seminar to 250 Manila Professional Photographers.

 January, 1998

 Palos Verdes Estates, CA

 Wedding of Tanya Turner to comedian Ron Pearson

 January, 1998

New York Times is featured in the New York Times

 February, 1998

 Santa Monica, CA

Feature article in the "Rangefinder" magazine (click here to see article)

 February, 1998

Marina Del Rey, CA

 Wedding of Brittany and Los Angeles Kings Hockey star Craig Johnson

 April, 1998

Tucson, AZ

Gary Fong joins the faculty of the Hasselblad International Wedding Institute

 June, 1998

 Marina Del Rey, CA

 Wedding of Brandi and LA Kings Hockey Star Rob Blake

 July, 1998

Rolling Hills, CA

 Wedding of NBA Star Philadelphia 76'ers George Lynch to Julie Jamarillo

 August, 1998

 Los Angeles, CA

 Wedding of Miss Asia, Dr.Gemma Hipalito, to Joe Javier

February 1999

Los Angeles, CA

 Wedding of Lane Wells to Sheryl Burton, Daughter of the legendary singer and recording artist Nancy Wilson

March 1999 

 Los Angeles, CA

 Cover article in Studio Photography and Design Magazine (click here to see article)

 Nov 1999 

 New York, NY 

 Feature article in "Bride's Magazine"

July 2000

 U.S. Federal District Court, Los Angeles
 Gary Fong, Inc. wins Federal Lawsuit in
"Gary Fong, Inc. vs Teresa and Peter Halton"
Trademark/Copyright Infringement Trial

October 2000 

 North Potomac, MD

Gary Fong is filmed in a three part documentary series for Photovision.

 February 2001 

 Hermosa Beach, CA

 Gary Fong joins the board of directors at Pictage, Inc. as co-founder of Pictage's Digital Lab. Within 16 months, it becomes the nation's largest completely digital pro-lab.

 April 2001 

 Big White Ski Resort

Gary Fong, Denis Reggie and Joe Buissink lead International Summit Meeting for Wedding Photojournalists

 May 2001 

 New York, NY

 Storybook Studio is featured in Amherst Media's "Photographers and their Studios" (see amazon listing)

 September 2001

 19 U.S. Cities

 Gary Fong and Denis Reggie Townhall Series Seminar Tour- proceeds benefit the United Way's September 11th Fund.

January 2002

United States

 Fuji national ad campaign promoting Fuji's S1 Digital Camera featuring Gary Fong's images. This campaign is printed in every major photographic magazine.

March 2002

 Marina Del Rey, CA

Storybook Studio returns to Marina Del Rey in a new harborfront location on Marina City Drive.
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